Name of the Week: Tiago


This weeks name of the week is my second favourite name and one that I am unsure if I could ever use. What I like about Tiago is the way it sounds when I say it (tee-ar-goh), the exotic flavour of it and the way it reminds me of one of my favourite animals the Tiger. Tiago is the Portugese form of James and is derived from Santiago. Tiago ranks at 84 in France and 947 in the UK while the Brazilian variant spelling Thiago ranks at 485 in the US, 1430 in the UK and 385 in the Netherlands. Santiago is the most popular form of the name ranking is 55 in Chile and 74 in Spain, 126 in the US and 492 in the UK.  To me Tiago has a great international appeal but I can see why it hasn’t taken off in Australia only 0.4% of Australians having Portuguese ancestors.


3 thoughts on “Name of the Week: Tiago

    1. I would say it is used by Chilean-Australians due to the connection with Santiago (the capital of Chile and a Portuguese name).

      I think of my favourite things about it is a little Tiago could be called Tiger.

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