Name of the week: Eamon

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Because I can’t think of any other names to cover this week I am covering my favourite boys name: Eamon. Eamon is the Irish form of Edmund meaning rich protector and is pronounced Ay-mon. Eamon doesn’t rank in Australia, is 1756 in the Uk with 13 born and 131 Eamon’s were born in the US in 2012. Some famous bearers are American singer Eamon who’s song F**k it (I don’t want you back) made it to number one in 2004 and Perth born sprint swimmer Eamon Sullivan who introduced me to the name back in 2008 as I only heard of the song a few days ago being only 5 in 2004.


Eamon is a name that I can definitely see me using in the future if I decide it’s ok to use an Irish name not being Irish but I have loved it six years longer then I have loved any other name.




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