Minnie and Braylen: June

Albany Western Australia
Albany Western Australia


Georgia, Benjamin and Maddison

Grace, Bridie and Archer


Julian and Alexander


Abby Jade

Brielle Kathleen (Flynn, Brodie and Kye)

Kara Louise (Mya)

Lily Rose (Victoria)

Ava Anne

Ellyse Keely

Eva Joy (Ry)- Dad named Aiden

Chanel Ayla

Savannah- Mum named Taylah

Erica May

Emily Elizabeth (Joseph)

Sara (Alessia)

Audrey Rose


Mae Ester (Sylvee Ada and Eve Francis)

Kate Maree (Oscar)

Addison Kaylynn

Zara Marie

Amèlie Rose

Eliza Grace

Zoe Louise (Joshua and Edward)

Sally Isabelle (Archie)

Georgie Matilda (Austin)

Josephine Alice (Lucy)

Magdalena Mary “Minnie”

Zara Jillian (Lachlan and Alexandra)

Paige Addison (Charlie)

Gracie Matilda (Charlotte and Lenny)

Phoebe Elizabeth


Brodie John “BJ”

Max Nabeel (Ava and Lola)

Leonard Michael Phineas (Maisie and Cecilia)

Samuel Terry (Max and Emily)

Finley George

Nicholas Beau

Lachlan Riley

Frederick Ian (Emily and Robert)

Hudson Geofrey

Campbell Charles (Alistair)

William Alexander (Grace and Ella)

Flynn Owen (Imogen)

Scott Michael

Patrick- I think he’s a junior as his dad is Paddy

Cohen Charles (Ebony)

Lucas Isaac (Jacob and Zoe)

Fletcher Joel (Cooper and Milla)- Guess they didn’t hear Swing at all this summer to know about Joel Fletcher

Blake John

Archer Joseph

Samuel Patrick (Xavier)

Louis John (Eddie)- Dad named Kade

Liam Jake (Oliver and Mason)

Mason William Miles

Isaac Graham (Ava and Noah)

Braylen Patrick (Eryn)

Thomas Carmelo

Jamie Luca (Dominique)


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