The Potential of Elsa

Elsa the snow queen
Elsa the snow queen

During my daily reading of Nova’s gossip page I find this article on the name Elsa titled Parents name children after 2013’s biggest movie. It states that Elsa entered the baby centre list at 88. While this isn’t an official list it has the potential to enter it. There are many El names present in the charts: Isabella at 11, Ella at 13, Isabelle at 23, Annabelle at 44, Stella at 46, Ellie at 56 and Elsie at 91. Anna ranks but in Australia it would be said Ann-ah not Ar-nah so if Anna rises frozen might not be the full influence. Elsa is similar to Elsie which entered the charts this year so Elsa would likely follow behind that and would rise with or with out the influence of the movie.

9 thoughts on “The Potential of Elsa

  1. Anna has already risen in 2013, which is remarkable considering it has been on a slide for years. I’m positive Elsa has gone up as well – I see so many examples in birth notices – but has a lot higher to climb.

    1. Really I didn’t expect that since I thought her name was Ana. But Elsa has more potential to me due to so many names like it.

  2. Yeah, I think you’re right about it probably being on the rise anyway. I’ve seen a few people on Nameberry say they were considering it before the movie came out, then afterwards got worried that the movie would make it super popular and their friends would think they’d chosen it because of the movie, not because they already thought it was a great name.

    I find it funny that it seems such a fresh name, simply because I went to school with an Elsa. Incidentally, her hair was the same colour as Elsa’s in Frozen 🙂

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