Chalyss and Tadija

Me running for a reason
Me running for a reason


Mila Grace and Scarlett Marie


Abby Rose (Lily and Grace)

Rachel Susannah (Asher)

Erin Peter (Zara)

Mia Jade

Holly Marie (Riley, Jake and Daniel)- Dad named Hayden

Chalyss Toni Brielle (Taiha, Meisha and Sari)

Leah Grace

Evelyn Rose

Taylor Bree

Laycie Isla (Brayden)

Alexia Rose

Isla Patricia Louise

Tayla Jo

Chloe Victoria (Melissa, Ryan, Matthew, Natalie and Oliver)

Summer Daphne (Siena and Jordan)

Naoise (Neesha) Eve (Tully and Oisin)

Opal Lily

Scarlett (Hailey and Georgia)

Chavelle Indiana

Kayla Anne Maree (Isabella


Ella Rose (Samuel and Jessica)

Jayde Charmaine (Logan)

Claire Elizabeth (Abigail)


Molly Chloe

Summer Paige (Alexia and Riley)

Zara Matilda (Flynn)

Evelyn Jannifer

Ava Victoria

Emma Sophie (Ashley and Toby)


Lisia Taharangitiatia Carmela

Indi Rose (Heidi)

Danika Nadia

Addison Layne (Zavier and Cailen)

Grace Sandra (Amelia, Sascha, Benjamin, Joseph and Alexander)

Evelyn Victoria

Madeline Isobel (Josh)- Mum named Ebony




Dion (Mia)

Isaac John

Brendan Matthew

Mitchell David

Thomas Troy (Charlotte)

Sterling Ryder Munro

Oliver Thomas

Riley James Andrew

Max Allan

Lucas Matthew (Stella)

Tadija James (Caitlyn, Mikaela and Grace)

Ari Gennaro (Lorenzo and Costa)

Courtney Malcolm (Sydney and Tanner- sadly I don’t know there genders)

Bayden Daniel James

Nate Jensen (Zavier and Koby)

Oliver Neville (Madeline and Grace)

Oliver Edward

Edward James (Emma-Louise)

Isaac James (Connor)- This is also my brothers name

Jasper George

Thomas Jacob

Archer Aaron (Amelia)

Mason Brian

Callan James David (Maddison and Ethan)

Frederic Robert Archie

Dante Peter (Valentina)

Andrew (Andy) Lee- I hope he has a brother named Hamish Blake (he does have two brothers)

Liam Blake

Daniel Joseph

Joshua Joseph (Caitlyn)

Theo Craig (Rohan and Tessa)

Judd Bailey (Indy and Nash)

Reginald Clifford (Tahlia)- Dad named Reg so I assume he’s a junior

Liam George (Harry)

Quinn Charlie (Kenzie and Makai)

Tom Joseph (Tessa and Macey)

Jacob William

Thomas John (Bradan)

Liam Thomas Lourenco

Hamish George (India and Fraser)

4 thoughts on “Chalyss and Tadija

    1. It is Andy Leigh. I assumed Chalyssa was a re-spelling of Chalice. And I was surprised to see a male Courtney too. There were so many unusual names this month

  1. Yes, I agree, that is a unique way of sp Chalice. Still looking for my mn’s-(middle names). Changing my OWN name has taken 1000 X more out of me than naming ANY of my 6 babies! Whew!! Brutal!! I was given a gift by; God, the stars, w.e. after going against the grain to force a name to appear, this one just popped up on my tv, when I went to watch “Believe”, then I saw it, Sequoyah, WOW! I was SOLD. So Sequoyah Skye is first & last, coming to your lists is giving me ideas of soft sounding mn’s. I want to use more than 1 mn, like Uma Thurman has 6 names or so, for her daughter, alas, California has a way more lenient law. good ole Boston, Mass, is a tightwad, to say the least!.
    the reason I write this here, is, I can’t THANK you enough for sharing these lists!! It gives me many ideas! Things have certainly changed since 1986 when my 1st born, Serena was born. Yes, she does happen to be a Danielle Steele name, Lol, “Remembrance”, so her name was picked out 4 yrs before she was here 😉
    I still love names like Mackenzie & Mackenna, I don’t know why, because 3 yrs ago i loathed them.
    K, ladies, have a Lovely day!!! ❤ from Sequoyah, 25 miles west of Boston, Mass, USA

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