Name of the Week: Isobel

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My favourite name and my grandmothers name Isobel may come across as a creative spelling of the much more popular Isabelle and Isabel but Isobel is the Scottish form of Isabel which also makes it a form of Elizabeth. Isobel is the rarer form of the name it was at 166 in Victoria in 2012 compared to Isabelle and Isabel when combined ranking 23rd in Australia and Isabella at 11. When my Grandma was born in the 1930’s in New South Wales there were 14 Isobel’s (my grandma was born in Scotland), there was one Isabelle born in New South Wales, 28 Isabel’s and 8 Isabella’s making Isobel a more classic and less trendy choice. In the UK Isobel’s falling at 98 down from a peak of 50 in 2003.


5 thoughts on “Name of the Week: Isobel

  1. Mine too. It’s my aunt’s name, and my grandmother once told us she chose Isobel rather than Isabel so people wouldn’t tease her by saying “is a bell necessary on a bicycle?” I don’t know if that was true (or if anyone has ever actually said that!) but I liked the story 🙂

    1. So much love for Isobel I often get advised against it. My grandma just got it because she’s Scottish, she does think Isabel is the wrong way though.

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