Everly and Leighton: March

Forrest Chase in Perth City
Forrest Chase in Perth City


Georgia Joanna Mary and Margaret “Maggie” Molly Ailsa (Alice)

Georgia Mae and Toby Klay


Liam Henry (Luke)

Alex (Lucas)

Finn Antonio (Chase)

Seth David (Judd)

Anton (Charlotte)

Leighton Riefe (Declan, Bailee and Kylah)

Luke Robin

Martin Philip (Heidi)

Marco Giovanni (Massimo)

Oliver David William

Judd Mitchell

Oscar Kenneth Mark (Nathaniel and Oliver)

Tyler Glen

Oscar Terence Patrick

Luke Francis

Andrew James (Rebecca)

Sullivan Ralph (Devon)

Alexander Jensi (Lucie)

James Ronald (Amelia)

Nate Eli (Jace and Teal)

Finn Robert (Hudson)- Was this intentional?

Christopher Henry (Chloe and William)

Jordan Andrew

Nicholas Stephan (Isaac)

Mitchell Latimer (Xavier)

Harrison Patrick Jakov

Jude Aaron (Joseph and Juliet)

Leighton Claude

Thomas Luigi (James, Nicholas and Lucas)

Oliver Mark (Gabriella and Natalia)

Sebastian Eli (Allegra)


Luka Taylor

Ryan Jacob (Mitchell)

James Jeremy

Harrison Adam

Oliver James (Sophie)

Hunter James (Mahli)



Amèlie Mary Georgina

Anna Vera

Emma Mackenzie

Ruby Maylin

Sunny Jade (Chase)

Zara Ann (Jack)

Chelsea Ann


Everly Dee (Noah)

Isabella Grace (Anamarie)

Alice Mary (Hugo)

Willow Poppy (Sybella and Harper)

Mia Ellen

Piper Addison (April, Chloe and Chelsea)

Claire Vanessa (Eric)

Elyssa Heidi

Emily Kate (Aliyah and James)

Katherine Charlene

Eva Summer (Alex)

Emilia Siena (mother named Nuala)

Ruby Eden (Layla, Dhevan and Jurnee)

Ava Rose

Chelsea Brooke


Kate Veronica (Oscar and Lauren)

Paige Emmi (Mia and Rhienna)

Isabella (Kye)

Felicia Kari

3 thoughts on “Everly and Leighton: March

    1. My first thought was I hope they know who Finn Hudson is will there next child be named Rachel or Noah (Puck’s name)?

      Anna Vera hahaha I just thought it was a really unflowy name

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