Name of the week: Elspeth

Typical Smith Family Shot
Typical Smith Family Shot

So I’ve covered my name, brudda’s name (Isaac) and sissy’s name (Adele) but not yet my mumsies name. My mum is named Elspeth Anne. My mum got her name because when my grandma was in her teens she met an Elspeth and many many years later my mum came and she became Elspeth, another name in consideration was Heather but my mums cousin got it first. My mums name works better now with the popularity of Ellie and Elsie both very unpopular names when my mum was young. I love my mums name but love Eleanor, Eloise and Isobel a lot more.

3 thoughts on “Name of the week: Elspeth

    1. Its one name I just think is more trouble then it’s worth, my mums name gets spelt wrong all the time normally Elsbeth or Elsabeth and its always pronounced wrong. When people ask mum to give her name (like when ordering food) she just says smith

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