Things name nerds hate but I love: Surname Names

Funny my names in the biggest letters
Funny my names in the biggest letters

My top ten includes Cooper, Lincoln Baxter and Lawson. None of these have any meaning to me my family surnames being unusable McKechanie, Horrex and Curruthers (grandma’s maiden name, mums maiden name and Nana’s middle name).  I posted on nameberry about this issue  here. Most people said it was ok if it had meaning but I just like the sound of Cooper, Baxter and Lawson and I don’t think of Lincoln as a surname as I wouldn’t use it to honour Abraham Lincoln because I’m not too sure what he actually did, I think we was a US president. I wouldn’t use a surname name on a girl I’m berry enough not to love Mackenzie and Madison but I think there too dated I know about 50 Madison’s and a Makenzie and a McKenzie all my age.



8 thoughts on “Things name nerds hate but I love: Surname Names

  1. I don’t think a surname name has to have special “meaning” to you any more than any other name – if you named your son Christopher or Jack, people wouldn’t ask if it had a special meaning, they’d know it was just a name that you liked!

    And some surnames are more than just surnames – Lincoln is a place name, for a start (and so are the other three, incidentally).

    I really like Baxter, but I can’t get excited about Cooper, probably because I see a ton of it in birth notices. Not that there’s anything wrong with it.

    1. I know I hate some namenerd laws. My old primary school teacher named her son Cooper, I don’t really like her but I love Cooper too much to let it go

  2. My son’s name is Wilder Dean. My maiden name + FIL’s first name. I’m so glad surnames are a trend… Means I got less pushback when we presented his name. I’ve gotten so many compliments on his name and we just love it on him!

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