Names that mean Love

urlHappy valentines day in honour of today being a day with a certain name I will be looking at names that mean love that I think are useable on a baby today:

Amy/Aimee/Amie: After peaking in the 80’s Amy might seem a bit dated to be used on a young baby. But I think it works it has a nicknamey feel to it and the meaning of Beloved. In 2012 it was still top 100 in Victoria at 84

Aroha: A maori name meaning Love the one I knew pronounced it Ad-oh-ah. It could work on someone of any race and Addy could be a nickname though it could have issues with pronunciation

Carys/Cerys: A welsh name meaning Love thats definitely works on anyone. Pronounced Car-iss or Care-iss. Carys currently doesn’t rank in Australia

Esme: Is it too twilight? Esme meaning beloved is a rare vintage choice never reaching the top 100 but it fell off the list in the 1940’s in 2012 it ranked 614 in Victoria

Imogen: An Australian favourite rare in the US and one of my least favourites. Meaning beloved child according to nameberry. At 48 in Victoria its certainly not unusual.

Kalila: Kalila is an Arabic name meaning beloved. Its rare but fits in with name trends and has the nickname of Lily. Kalila doesn’t rank

Kerensa/Karenza: Like Carys Karensa is welsh meaning love.  It could be viewed as a bit dated with its similarity to Karen.

Milena: Milena is a czech name meaning love, warmth, grace. Currently in the US top 1,000 and Germanys top 100 it’s the short form Mila thats taken off in Australia currently at 44 in Victoria while Milena doesn’t rank.

Myfanwy: A welsh name meaning my lovely little one and pronounced Muh-vahn-wee and some people would say it as Tiffany with a M. Myfanwy has never ranked

Priya: An Indian name meaning beloved that isn’t just reserved for Indian girls. Priya doesn’t rank in Australia and is pronounced Pree-ah

Siran: An Armenian name meaning Lovely. Siran is a rare possibility that could very well work on a little girl.

Valentina: Valentina doesn’t mean love but it is Valentine’s day so it makes sense Valentina’s included. Valentina works much better then Valentine, Valentina is at 220 in Victoria

All meanings are from Nameberry and I apologise that there are no boys names.




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