Lyal and Sanni

Australia day Skyworks
Australia day Skyworks


Kaitlyn Marie and Kourtney Jade (Paul and Jayden)


Lucy Isabelle

Mia Grace

Stella Jane

Neve Amelie (Lucia)

Louella Rose Ina

Abby Jennifer Ann

Anabelle Marie

Isobel Rebecca (Hamish)

Ivy Scarlett (Eva and Lola)

Sophie Jane

Mika (Leo)

Poppy Juliet

Mylah Lily (Brayden, Bailee and Tia)

Sanni Juliet

Layla Grace

Ellen Sophia (Ethan and Leon)

Zara Sienna (Ella)

Martha Joan

Bridget Kimberley (Chelsea, Alannah and Krystal)

Isla Jade

Madeleine Grace (Georgia half sister to: Ryan, Shelby and Shanyah)

April Elyse

Sophie Rose

Charlotte Madison (Emma)

Annabelle Rose (Charlie)

Zali Madeline (Mum named Mallary)

Ella MacKenzie (Kyann)

Jordana Marie (Evelyn and mum named Clara)

Isabel Melina (Joshua and Christian)


Daniel Vincent (Alex)

Logan James

Jacob Zach (Tyler)

Lewis Roy (Jake and Toby)

Austin Jarrad

Cohen William (Bronte)

Bryce Nathan (Fraser and Charlotte)

Lucas John (Ryley)

Toby Ike

Rowan Adrian

Leo William (Lucy)

Jasper George

Jacob Troy (Mum named Melodee)

Lachlan Gregory



Preston James (Poppy)

Lyal (Born on the Solomon Islands)

Noah Ty Thomas (Hannah and Charlotte)

Declan Sydney

Flynn Wesley (Kai)

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