Uniquely Australian names: Zali

Australian Flag
Australian Flag

Zali became well known in Australia after Zali Steggall who is a former Alpine Skier. Her name could be a form of Sara, a greek name meaning “dance”, a hebrew name meaning strength of the sea or a form of the Swahili Zalika meaning wellborn. Of all of these Zalika seems the most likely source (all of these meanings are taken from behind the names user-submitted names section). Zali is reasonably uncommon in Australia Zali ranks at 393 with 13 born and Zarli at 696 with 6 born. The only Zali I know has a Zarlee. So if all the spellings were combined it would rank higher then it is.

15 thoughts on “Uniquely Australian names: Zali

    1. Really even though those two spellings our the only ones that rank?
      And yes I remember last winter olympics on Nameberry some said it would be offensive. It didn’t rank last year but could this year

  1. We just had a daughter named Zali who was born on 22nd Jan 2014 here in Perth, we only found out about the skier when people asked if she was named after her. I chose the name because i didnt like mainstream Aussie names like Amy, Brooke, Chloe, Jennifer, Rachel etc etc..

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