Pop culture baby names: Rita

Rita Ora
Rita Ora

I actually had another name lined up for this post but one of my favourite celebrity couples broke up and may still be together confusing the heck out of me so I’m doing Rita instead. For those of you who don’t know what I was talking about in the first line it was Rita Ora and Calvin Harris.

Rita may be an old hollywood name or a grandma-ish name. To me it reminds me of singer Rita Ora who’s 23 and English though Albanian born. She was named after her grandfathers favourite actress Rita Hayworth. Rita currently only ranks in England at 916. Entering the top 1000 last year. In 2012 Rita Ora started to be known making me about 90% sure Rita’s rise has something to do with her. In Australia it peaked in the 1910’s and hasn’t ranked since 2009, it’s not on the Victorian list currently but maybe in 2013 it could enter the bottom of the list?

6 thoughts on “Pop culture baby names: Rita

      1. And I think Rita Ora gives the name a more edgy look, she probably needs to get more popular over here though she has two top ten singles and another that peaked at 23 so I don’t I do think she is helping shed to old image of the name

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