Name we should start using: Hollis

Hollis Wong-Wear

As Holly maintains popularity in Australia and the UK to similar Hollis remains obscure. This is the name I was going to do for my pop culture baby name series but I did Rita instead because I can see this charting for many reasons other then a celebrity.

Hollis may be familiar through singer Hollis Wong-Wear better known as simply Hollis who sings the chorus on Maklemore’s White Walls which peaked at 11 on the Billboards and 34 on the Aria Charts. Chances are you would have heard it. With Holly being at 47 in Australia, Holly at 25 in the UK and Hollie at 54 and Holli at 3285, Hollis has a chance of charting especially in the UK where I’m surprised it doesn’t chart since it offers Holly as a nickname

3 thoughts on “Name we should start using: Hollis

  1. Hollis IS attractive – it seems like a male name to me though; the masculine form of Holly (has the same meaning). Oh, it’s also a Lord of the Rings Name – there’s a place in Middle Earth called Hollis.

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