Unusual names not so unusual not me

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 8.19.16 PMA few days ago Anna sent me her ebook of international names for Australian children, today I will be covering names that don’t rank in Australia and are listed in the book that are familiar to me whether through real people or celebrities that haven’t been mentioned. I will be including their siblings to show what some people are using these names with


Alba: Its the name of one of my old friends were not so close anymore but I do like her name.

Bo: A name of a girl in my year one word of warning she often gets asked if Bo is a nickname and her response is what could Bo be short for?

Camille: A name of a five year old from my town she pronounces it Ca-meal and goes by the nickname Cami. I originally thought that her name was said Cammie until her mum said that it was Ca-meal. I have always felt her name doesn’t fit in her sibset with her brothers being Ben and Thomas

Cheyenne: The name of a girl going into my year at school she says it Shy-anne. Originally I thought it was said Shay-anne lets say I learnt the hard way there

Cleo: A two year old daughter of a friend of my mums her full name is Cleo Rayne and she has a sister named Lexi Rose. I adore Cleo and would use it as a nickname for Clementine

Isle: The name of a teacher at my school she’s never taught me but I’ve always wondered about her name in the annual. I always say it aisle but thankfully its not

Iona: The name of a boarding school in Perth probably not the best idea if you live in Western Australia

Orla: The name of one of my closest friends she uses another spelling thats unpronounceable to most people so goes by Orla before I met her I didn’t know about the name now I love it.

Sian: When I was around 8 I met a Sian at a caravan park. I don’t remember her but her name has stayed with me because I have never met another Sian since.

Tallulah: A name I’ve loved since I was two due to the chick in the Maisy mouse cartoons. It is being used I’m mutual friends on Facebook with a teenaged Tallulah.

Tyra: One of my friends mother did foster care for three triplets Tyra, Alyssa and Jasmine they would be maybe six or seven now?

Verity: A name of a girl in my year at boarding. I’ve never been particularly fond of the name. The Verity I know has an older sister named Courtney not the best sibset there.


Bronson: I’ve never met him but he’s the cousin of one of my primary school friends she talk about him a bit, he also had a brother named Harrison. I’ve always found the name very harsh and not very likeable.

Conrad: Never met one but it is the name of the boy in the movie The Cat in The Hat which I watched a bit as a child based off the Dr Seuss book.

Keaton: Once again not a name of someone I know but a celebrity maybe not well known enough to get a mention. It’s the name of a member of American boy band Emblem 3, seventeen year old Keaton Stromberg. he has an older brother named Wesley

Orson: He would be about 8-10 now, he lives in a town near me. His siblings have equally unusual names his sister is Danae and his brother is Eden

Rhett: He was year 7 when I was kindy, I haven’t seen him in years but he had siblings named Briony (bree-oh-nee) and Kelsie.

Seamus: My friend Orla’s brother who’s sixteen. It seemed a little strange on him because as much as my friend tries to act like she’s not australian her whole family speaks in Australian accents and their last names aren’t noticeably Irish so I feel the first names are over the top. But this is coming from someone who would name their son Tiago and isn’t Portuguese so I guess I’m a hypocrite.

Storm: I actually know a girl with the name but its in the boys section of the ebook so I’ll leave it here. One thing that made me dislike her name is that her sisters name was Sky her brother? Anthony. It didn’t work.

Tadgh: This is the name of my sisters gym coaches son. My mums reaction was thats weird. Mine I wonder if its actually spelt Tadgh. I can’t confirm that I’m afraid.

So it seems no matter how unusual a name may be you will be surprised on how many you have actually heard on a person.


12 thoughts on “Unusual names not so unusual not me

  1. This is very encouraging, because I was trying to list names that weren’t common, but that I thought would still seem “normal” and be readily accepted in Australia. The fact you find them so normal means I must have succeeded pretty well.

    Here are a few that I know from everyday life (not necessarily babies):

    Aisling – school friend of my daughter’s

    Aspen – one of my colleagues has a (toddler) daughter with this name

    Clementine – toddler who lives in our area

    Dolly – my grandma’s name

    Ilona – a teenager I know of

    Isis – once worked with someone of this name

    Lia – went to school with an Italian girl of this name

    Orla – my great-aunt has an elderly friend with this name, from Ireland

    Petra – another school friend

    Soraya – one of my friends has a young daughter with this name

    Verity – university classmate

    Bronson – one of my friends has a baby with this name

    Bruno – know several boys and men with this name, all ages

    Edgar – a colleague, quite elderly

    Emil – a friend’s brother

    Malachy – one of my friends has a primary school age son of this name

  2. I guess because of where I work, which has people from so many countries, I get to hear a lot of different names. I guess a few names that may be unusual to some but not to me would be Xanthe, Silver, Aiofe, Jessamy, Elevine, Cala… there are quite a few. It is very interesting how what’s unusual to you may be perfectly normal to someone else.

  3. My little baby girl is Orla Rose. My mother is Irish and I wanted an Irish name…however I’ve often found myself bloated with guilt and regret that I picked to foreign a name for Australians. Forever looking for reassurance, I stumbled on your site. Thank you for bring a little “normality” to my weird little choice! Xx

      1. Ebony, can I ask one more question? Can you ask your Orla whether she gets horrible teased about the anagram oral or gets called an orca? Both of these are things my MIL and SIL pester me about! Although I did okay with See-o-bee-harhn!! Thank you! Your blog is lovely btw!!

      2. My friend used to get Orca as a friendly nickname but never Oral. I do go to an all girls school. Also Siobhan is Shiv-on isn’t it? And thank you

      3. I say it more like sheh-vawn. Oh Irish names!! I have a cousin who is Tomas pn t’moss, a fionnuala, an aoife and a sinead. My sister is Aisling. I have a friend who’s baby is Caoimhe (keeva) which is beautiful and another saoirse (seer-sha). AND the pn changes depending what county your accent is from!! Cray-cray!!

      4. I get what you mean one of my favourites is Eilidh to honour my scottish heritage but I’m not sure if it works

        Also Siobhan is the one Irish name I think most people know its either Shi-vawn or Shi-von

      5. Love Eilidh – is it ai-lee? I saw one of your boys was Eamon. LOVE Eamon, boys E names are so trendy at the moment. Heaps of little Evans, Ethans. I like Euan too – very scotts

      6. Yes Eildih is Ay-lee. I have loved Eamon since 2008 I’m about 90% positive my first son will be named Eamon. I think my mum would feel your pain she’s an Elspeth its always Elsbeth to Australians. I’m Scottish so

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