Kaleef and Neveah: December

Train on the Freeway
Train on the Freeway


Jarvis James and Verity Susan


Jasper Wilhelmus

Xavier John (Grace)

Alexander Malachy (Rowan, Bonnie, Cassie and Josie)

Kael Mark

Harry James

Jesse Trent (Jaxon and Jonah)

Luca William (Levi)

Timothy Gregory

Kaleef Adam (Noah)

Jake Gregory

Ryan David (Emily)

Franklin Oliver (Oscar)

Patrick John (Angus and Thomas)

Tobee Jett (Breyah-Mae and Samuel)

Zavier Daniel

Wesley Nicholas (Morrison)

Louis Troy

James Taj Mattace (Jaida, Tyson and Gemma)

Evan Joseph (Charlotte and Liam)

Oliver Matthew

Hamish George

Roman Nathan

Cooper Charlie (Sam and Harrison)

Khylan Renn

Preston Moses (Sydnee)

Noah Stephen (Evelyn)

Oliver Patrick Donald

Ari Caillou (Otis, Manali and Enitan)

Patrick Rohan


Lachlan John

James Ian

Taj Reid


Harrison Bernard Luke

Emerson Cole (Oliver)

Tomas Jason (Joshua)

Logan James David

Oliver Angus Shane

Preston (Luca and Alessia)


Hailey Alexandra (Paige and Aiva)

Sophie Jane (Emma)

Indi Grace (Ethan)

Olivia Rose (Ruby Pearl)

Alana Jayde

Maddison Scarlett (Cooper)

Serena Rosa

Aleyah Ruby (Taylah)

Ally Kaye (Lachie and Mitchell)

Olive Evelyn (Saskia)

Sienna Charlotte

Rylee Jayde (Mitchell)

Amber Amy

Kyra Lee

Macie Jane (Chloe Kate, Levi and Liam)

Neveah Aisah (Jasmine and Tahlia)

Olivia Elle

Lorelei Maree (Matthew)


Savannah Georgie

Tasmin Isobel

Kaitlyn Marie

Ivy Autumn (her last name is Rou$e)

Aubrey (Saige)

Mia Grace (Joshua)

Phoebe Rose

Lila Belle (Caitlyn and Bronte)
Elly Nora

5 thoughts on “Kaleef and Neveah: December

  1. It’s nice to see names you’ve written about here, like Taj. I don’t know Kaleef, but I wonder if it’s a title name in disguise – it could be like caliph, an Arab ruler title.

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