Baby name predictions for 2014

urlAfter reading Abby’s baby name predictions I thought that it would be good to see one from an Australian prospective then I thought since I have a blog I might as well do it myself because as they say if you want something done do it yourself. I apologise if any of the predictions are awful.

Name to watch:

Taylor: it may have dropped off the list last year but with two reality TV Taylor’s this year it could be a possibility sure Taylor Henderson only came second and Taylah from Australia’s Next top Model got kicked off for chocking someone but the publicity and the popularity of Taylor Henderson’s winners single may be what Taylor needs to get it back into the top 100 and with last years reentering of nineties favourites Ebony and Lauren it could happen.

Jai/Jye: Another X-factor contestant and a youtuber could help this name rise, I’m not expecting top 100 for it since its at 137 (Jai) and 255 (Jye) but it could rise with Jai Waetford coming third on the X-Factor and the Janoskian’s have remained popular so maybe it could rise.

Ashton: It did drop 20 places in 2012 so this may be a wild shot but Ashton Agar was Australia’s champion a few months ago and if names like Zayn can rise because of a boybander can Ashton do the same?

Harper: it went up a lot last year but its still a popular celebrity name choice I could see Harper going up even more in the coming year

Ebony and Lauren: These names were most popular in the 90’s but after re-entering the top 100 last year they could keep rising as many people having children could have gone to school with Ebony’s and Lauren’s and have kept the name on their list think about how slowly Michelle’s falling. Some people like familiar names, names that remind them of their own childhood or have kept their favourites since they were younger


Names that may fall:

Braxton: The name with the highest climb does have further to fall but with Brax having left the show and I’ve read that Heath is leaving as well can Kyle and Casey keep the name as high as it is? I doubt it.

Madison: I know this may seem like a big shot but to me Madison is very nineties and with Addison rising I could see Madison falling steadily but still falling

Stephanie: It fell out of the top 100 last year but remains there in Victoria I do think it will keep falling due to its dated sound.

Trends to watch:

Surnames as first names: In the top 100 we already have: Cooper, Hudson, Harrison, Connor, Jackson, Tyler, Flynn, Hunter, Riley, Owen, Mason, Ryder, Archer, Austin, Bailey, Braxton and Harper. In the extended Victoria list their is Tyson, Jenson, Anderson, Samson, Jamison, Lawson, Edison, Maison, Jameson, Nelson, Wilson, Addison, Spencer, Carter, Fletcher, Parker, Fraser, Dexter, Jagger, Miller, Baxter, Dexter, Rafferty, Lennox, Tanner, Cohen, Bentley, Hendrix, Lennon and Quinn some of them are in the mid hundreds I can see them all rising especially Nelson which is near the bottom but with Nelson Mandela’s death.

Nicknames as full names: In the top 100 we have: Lily, Evie, Charlie/Charli and Ellie for girls and Charlie, Alfie, Harry, Archie, Zac, Max, Liam, Finn, Leo and Toby for boys. In the extended list we have: Billie, Pippa, Bonnie, Elise, Millie, Lexi, Daisy, Maggie, Sadie, Elsie, Gracie, Lexie, Frankie, Indie, Katie, Rosie, Annie, Georgie, Greta, Edie, Maisie, Abbie, Stevie, Bridie, Jessie, Kenzie, Allie, Lottie, Lucie, Nellie, Josie, Macie, Jamie, Lillie, Liv, Kate, Tilly and most likely many more for boys we have: Jamie, Ollie, Danny, Eddie, Frankie, Louie, Albie, Billy, Coby, Sonny, Lenny, Brax, Kye, Alby, Andy, Chris, Jay, Ted, Roy, Josh, Zak, Remy, Tommy, Fynn, Ricky, Bobby, Clay, Sunny, Van, Alec, Alex, Joey, Ty, Joe, Jordy, Ben, Monty, Paddy, Tayte, Tate, Tony, Vince, Dusty, Tully and Kenny and maybe more.

Individual names to watch:

April: at 100 in Victoria it seems like a chance at entering the national top 100 the home and away character may have left but April has a familiar feeling that may help it rise.

Eleanor: Currently at 110 in Victoria with the popularity of El names it could be a name to watch.

Hazel: Australia loves nature names our top 100 includes Lily, Ivy, Ebony, Skye, Olive, Amber, Jade, Rose, Violet, Poppy, Holly, Savannah, Willow, Summer, Jasmine and Ruby and vintage names are on trend. Hazel is at 101 in Victoria so it seems like a natural choice. And also who hasn’t heard of Hazel Edwards and doesn’t love theres a hippopotamus on my roof eating cake.

Zane: With One Direction remaining popular (sadly) Zane seems like it has a good chance and the similar Zac is a top 100 choice Zane is currently at 115

Sam: A nickname for the evergreen Samuel Sam is just shy of Victoria’s top 100 at 107. With many other nicknamey names in the top 100 Sam seems like a genuine possibility

Heath: I know I predicted Braxton to fall but I think Heath may rise it has never reached the top 100 and according to the NSW data fell in 2011 but it was at 129 last year in Victoria and if it continues rising like it did (if we compare the 248 ranking in 2011 in NSW to the 129 place ranking in Victoria it went up 119 places and their was an increase of 20 births I know its not accurate but its the best I’ve got) it may enter at least the top 110.


So any you disagree with any you want to add?


3 thoughts on “Baby name predictions for 2014

  1. Great predictions! That’s a good tip that Braxton might fall as rapidly as it rose, and I am also keeping an eye on Heath, because I see a lot of it around. I do feel that April is very close to the Top 100, and Hazel too.

    My predictions are coming after the Christmas/New Year break. (I’ve already done them, so don’t worry I can’t copy you!) 🙂

    1. Thanks, don’t worry I don’t think you will copy me yours will probably be much better then mine.

      On the Braxton thing I think maybe Brax will rise due to the nickname trend and Heath and April may actually fall soon due to both the characters leaving the show.

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