The Michelle Epidemic of the 70’s

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If you can’t guess my mum was born in the 1970’s so about half of her friends share the name Michelle and chances are you know a fair few Michelle’s as well. On facebook my mum has 7 friends named Michelle, the top name of my year was Emily I’m facebook friends with 6 Emily’s and one Michelle. Keep in mind my mums friends are in their 40’s so not all of them will have facebook. If we look at the stats for Victoria their were 853 Michelle’s born in 1972 (the year my mum was born) and 635 Emily’s born in 1999, that was a 218 birth number difference. In the 41 year span Michelle has dropped when I was born it was out of the top 100 but 43 for decade in 2012 their were 20 Michelle’s born in Victoria. Michelle came out of nowhere to the top and has actually fallen quite slowly so you can’t see it as 70’s trendy. Lets have a look at Emily’s current rank its 12 in NSW same as Michelle in the 80’s a decade after it’s peak it will be interesting to see if Emily follows Michelle’s slow descent.

Why am I comparing Emily to Michelle because you can guess what decade an Emily or a Michelle comes from but they really could be from any decade.


4 thoughts on “The Michelle Epidemic of the 70’s

    1. To me its a mum name I can’t see it on a little girl. Like I said the youngest Michelle I know is 14 and that still seems wrong though her sister is named Jemma so her parents seem a little behind trends

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