Uniquely Australian names: Jacinta

Jesinta Campbell
Jesinta Campbell

Jacinta a name that has never ranked in the top 1000 in America and at the bottom of the UK charts (there were four Jacinta’s born in 2012) but in Australia its quite well known maybe a little dated. It peaked at 101 in NSW in the early 2000’s it has been falling quite steadily only to start rising again in 2010 the year Jesinta Campbell won Miss Universe Australia. Jesinta has never ranked. Currently in Victoria its 260. Jacinta seems like the 2000’s Narelle and Peta never or just reached reached the top 100 and could Jacinta be headed into boganville like Narelle and Peta I guess only time will tell. I don’t actually know a Jacinta only a Jacinda (who goes by Jazzy) but I do know three Peta’s (one my age) and one Narelle.


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