Uniquely Australian Names: Taylah


Taylah from ANTM
Taylah from ANTM

With Taylor Henderson finishing up second on X Factor and Taylah getting kicked off Australia’s Next Top Model for chocking someone I’ll call Taylor/Tayla/Taylah for a rise this year. It left the top 100 last year but with Ebony and Lauren joining the top 100 I think Taylor’s fair game to join.

In Australia the most used spelling is Taylah most often discounted as a unique spelling or Taylor with a funny accent ranks 120 in Victoria while Taylor is 163 and Tayla is 210. In the UK it is a different story Taylah ranked 1809 , Tayla Β at 319 and Taylor is at 213 and top 100 for boys. In the US Taylah has never ranked.

Why is Taylah so popular here? Maybe so the gender is apparent my sister believes that Tayla/Taylah is the girl spelling and Taylor is the boy spelling. Maybe they just love H’s? I mean many names get H’s added to them so why not Taylor. Most likely its to show the pronunciation to Americans so they can say like Taylor in a funny accent.


2 thoughts on “Uniquely Australian Names: Taylah

  1. i think Taylah is a Lovely & yes, i am in the U.S. & yes, i would have thought it was a typo if i wasn’t such an Onomastician πŸ™‚ I’m pretty sure it & it’s sister Tayla, will catch on here at some point. The prob with this country is they think thy invented Everything…..my daughter & I are looking to move to Canada…if Australia weren’t so far, my daughter would have chose that, but Canada is only like 300 miles from Boston.
    I LOVE your site, if I haven’t said so before, i just wanted to make sure you knew πŸ™‚

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