Names name nerds love but I don’t: Imogen

urlThis has to be my favourite series me trash talking names that other people love. Today to be hated is Imogen. Its gushed over on Nameberry for being not very popular sure its never ranked in the top 1000 there but for me Imogen is well used I know two Imogen’s and its a top 100 name here (at 45). Unlike Arthur Imogen has only been well used since the 90’s when it was in the mid 100’s (this is when the two Imogen’s I know were born) and has only ranked since the 70’s with a massive one born per year. In the UK it’s also quite popular at 37 showing us to be very British in this instance. I don’t quite know what I don’t like about Imogen it just seems forced *shrugs*



7 thoughts on “Names name nerds love but I don’t: Imogen

  1. I say Imogen is the most beautiful name in the world. Mind you, when I saw the name in a book when I was little I assumed it was pronounced Im=OH-jin. I think I’d prefer that, but I still love it pronounced the right way.

  2. Imogen has a beautiful spelling, but none of the pronunciations pleases me. It’s one of these names that I really want to love it.

    PRONUNCIATIONS: “I” as in Ivy + MOH + jin (as Jean) OR jen (as in Jennifer) OR gen (similar to Gwen).

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