Pop Culture Names: Drake

Grammy Awards 2k13
Grammy Awards 2k13

This new series focuses on names that have became more popular since a celebrity with the name rose to fame. I think Drake is a good example of this especially if you look at the stats in America where Drake is pretty well known with 65 hot 100 entries to his name Drake reached its highest point in 2010 and is still around the same spot it peaked at 199 and is now at 231 not too bad especially since it means male duck. In the UK it is also peaking 682 but I’m not quite sure how popular Drake is there my knowledge seems to only be billboard (I do know hold on we’re going home is at number two in South Africa). In Victoria their were 8 Drake’s born. Its no surprise its so much higher in America Hold on We’re Going Home is Drake’s highest charting single in Australia it peaked at 8. Also the rapper wasn’t born Drake he was born Aubrey Drake Graham in Canada 27 years ago.


4 thoughts on “Pop Culture Names: Drake

  1. Drake actually means “dragon, serpent” (from the Greek, drakon) and began as a surname; the word for a male duck has a different source (andraca, Old English for “duck king”).

    I rather like this name, and I agree it has a vaguely American feel to it.

  2. I really like the name Drake, although it reminds me of Joey’s character on Days of Our Lives in Friends – Dr Drake Ramoray 🙂 It sounds like a very soap opera type name.

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