Uniquely Australian names: Darcy

Mr Darcy
Mr Darcy

I know two boys called Darcy and one girl named Darcy as well as a D’Arcy. In the Uk and America that would be out of the ordinary (knowing two boys Darcy’s that is) as it is 107 for girls and 1021 for boys in the US its not in the main chart (top 1000) and hasn’t since the 80’s but is considered feminine. In Australia however its 85 for boys. Anna claimed it was one of the most uniquely Australian names there is but since it is on the rise in the UK for boys and plus I’ve already crowned Lachlan the king.


5 thoughts on “Uniquely Australian names: Darcy

  1. I do see some girls called Darcy, but usually spelled Darci, Darcie, Darcee or Darcey to make it look more feminine. The name used to be for both sexes in Australia, but the boxer Les Darcy made it seem masculine here.

    I can definitely see this name becoming more equally unisex again, but not in the immediate future.

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