Er names

kidsfarmDue to Taylor Henderson er names have been on my mind a lot lately my sister said that she would think of Taylor as a boy and Tayla and Taylah as girls but they are pronounced the same. My mum said she would say Harper as Harp-er instead of Harp-ah (but she said Harp-ah the next time she said it). I also said that Taylah was more popular then Taylor know even though some people still think of Taylah as a unique misspelling. When Anna featured a Rydah on her blog it was thought of as a regional pronunciation by an American commenter  not the way we all say it. Though if you look on nameberry for Ryder you will see that to them it sounds like ride her but in Australia that wouldn’t be an issue due to the Rydah pronounciation. Even the two Emmerson’s I know name’s turn out to be Emma-syn instead of Emmer-son like it should be, the way we say Emmerson could make it seem more feminine same with Taylor.

I do sometimes try to say the er’s but to me Tay-ler sounds worse then Taylah. And one of my favourites Cooper that will always be Coop-ah to me.



3 thoughts on “Er names

  1. I’ve tried saying -er names in an American pronunciation, and it just sounds weird in an Australian accent – the ER comes out sounding really loud and exaggerated when I say it.

    I don’t quite say Coop-ah though – it’s more like Coop-eh. Actually, I think I say the -er more like an -eh anyway, a bit more clipped than an -ah. Seriously wish we could attach audio files to comments!

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