Uniquely Australian Names: Nate

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 8.50.00 PMNate is a nickname for Nathaniel (which I know two of though their both Nat’s) or Nathan (which is always to me the name of a hi 5 member) but outranks both. Nate like Indiana seems more popular in WA in terms of ranking at 39 with 69 births so their were more Nate’s born everywhere else due to WA’s lesser population. In Victoria it was at 68 with 100 births, 60 in NSW in 2011 my guess is it would have dropped since then but I don’t know and 56 in Australia. In England its 97 and in America it’s not on their top 1000 I was shocked to realise that Nathaniel doesn’t even rank as one Nathaniel is in his twenties (my cousin) and the other is around 5-ish while I’ve never met a Nathan or a Nate and the only Nate I know of is America Nate Ruess the lead singer of the band fun.

Any more suggestions for the next names I have one left for girls (Asha) but none for boys.



8 thoughts on “Uniquely Australian Names: Nate

  1. I know lots of Nathans, and two Nathaniels, and I don’t know any Nates, but I see them in the paper all the time.

    Abby from Appellation Mountain has a friend with a baby named Nate – she seemed to think it was an unusual name. So maybe it will start to catch on in the US.

      1. Good idea I wasn’t sure if that would count and I know one of each. I think the reason I don’t know many Nathan’s is I’m from a small country town and go to an all girl school. Maybe fun. was quite big last year as well another plus for nate

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