Uniquely Australian names: Indiana


Indiana sounds American right? You couldn’t be more wrong Indiana has NEVER ranked in their top 1000 and the only Ind name is India. Indiana is one of those names not expected to be an “Australian name”. It was given to just 61 girls and 21 boys in the UK giving it it’s uniquely Australian status. Just how popular is it well in WA it is very popular at 39 and short form Indi is also a top 50 name at 48. In Victoria Indiana is at 68 with Indi, Indigo, Indie, India, Indy and Indianna on their extended list, with Indiana and Indianna combined it comes in at 64 on the national data. Indi could also be classified as uniquely Australian with Indi and its variants ranking quite high as full names in Australia. So why is Indiana so popular in Australia? Home and Away could be the answer as Indiana Evans was an actress on the show and they have a character called Indi in the show though in her case its short for Indigo, but those of these associations are quite new.

2 thoughts on “Uniquely Australian names: Indiana

  1. I think Indiana charted in the US very briefly in the late 19th century – a LONG time ago!

    It started charting here in the 1980s, the same time as the “Indiana Jones” films first started being released. Even though in the movies, Indiana is a man, Australians seem to have decided that a) they loved the name Indiana and b) Indiana sounded more like a girl’s name.

    I’ve noticed there’s nothing like a Hollywood movie to boost a name in Australia. We love our movies.

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