Names Namenerds love but I don’t: Gemma

Gemma Ward
Gemma Ward

On nameberry you always here people gush over the name Gemma but to me its a dated choice, I would make rather see the playschool style Jemima nn Jemma. In America Gemma is a lot less popular but in Australia its falling, currently out of the national top 100 and the NSW top 100 it is however at 77 in Victoria (1 place behind Ebony) and Jemma is at 180. In the UK its a similar story for poor Gemma at 580 and Jemma was 1483. In the US its on the rise at 315 maybe these parents have met Australian and British Gemma’s and thought what a great name or its exposure through actress Gemma Areton and model Gemma Ward or simply its similarity to Emma.


The reason I don’t like it is I’m a 90’s baby and I know one Gemma and two Jemma’s and my dog is a Gemma. The Gemma is my age, one Jemma is in her 30’s and the other is 9. Because of this to me its like Danielle or Erin not a name I would imagine a baby to be called and having a dog named Gemma doesn’t really help either so for me it has became a dog name. Also the long underused Jemima holds a special place in heart but in both Australia and the US it has bad associations possibly helping Gemma along it’s way.

With the title I’m trying to think of a better name that isn’t so long. And if I offended you deal with it opinions are meant to be shared and I don’t have to share yours.

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