Name of the week: Matilda


This weeks name comes from one of my favourite books and its also one of my personal favourites. Matilda is one of those names that despite being popular in New Zealand and the UK it seems uniquely Australian. To be fair it is more popular in Australia at 18 compared to 51 in New Zealand and 47 in the UK. In WA it is at 18. With the cute nicknames of Tillie (which I can’t stand), Millie (my favourite), Tildy and Tilda its no wonder Matilda is as popular as it is. One of the best things about Matilda is my mum likes it which is quite strange for my favourite names; she can’t imagine Isobel on a little girl (its her mums name) and Alice is an old lady name, that could be because of a cute little Matilda at her daycare. Matilda rose in Australia last year and I can see it continuing. Will it enter the top ten and be the Lachlan of the new generation? Only time will tell/ 


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