Names from the X Factor Australia

imagesI was watching the X Factor last night for the first time in ages (The last time I never missed an episode watched it was in 2011).  I realised that the host needed to learn how to open envelopes and learn to read faster. The contestants have quite normal names some are a bit unusual but most are what you would expect.


Jai Waetford: Jai (pronounced Jye.) is my age and made me question what I was doing with my life like AGT’s Aydan Calafiore (whos 12). Jai is a hindi name meaning victory or a variant of Jay. This is the second teenaged Jai I’ve covered and both are pronounced in different ways. Jai peaked in 2005-2008 at 91 and is currently in the mid 100’s in both NSW and Victoria. Could it make a comeback with Jai on the X factor? And which pronunciation do you prefer Jay or Jye?

Taylor Henderson: Taylor is 20 and was born when Taylor for girls peaked, I wonder how  that would have been for him? Though to be fair in the 90’s Taylor peaked for boys. In the 90’s (in NSW) Taylor was at 38 for girls and 130 for boys. Currently in Victoria Taylor is at 163, Tayla at 212 and Taylah at 120 (the most popular version of Taylor) and for boys Taylor is at 259. Taylor is technically unisex being a surname meaning a tailor.

Omar Dean: Omar is also 20. His name has ranked consistently since the 60’s and in the 90’s it was at 182.  Currently in Victoria it is at 188 one place behind Mohamed which is also Arabic. Omar is an Arabic name a variant transcription of Umar which means “populous, flourishing”. Omar was eliminated last night the first of the boys to get eliminated.


Jiordan Tolli: Jiordan is 19 and her name as far as I can tell is a variant spelling of Jordan as when I google the name only she comes up which leads me to believe it is quite a rare variation of the name and that she was on Neighbours.  Jordan is mostly a boys name in Australia (number 23 in the 90’s and 85 for girls) maybe the I was put in to indicate that Jiordan was a girl? Currently in Victoria Jordyn is 324 and Jordan is 371 for girls and Jordan is 59 for boys and Jordy is 492. Jordan is from the name of the river and means descending.

Ellie Lovegrove: Ellie is also 19 and I have a feeling Ellie is short for something though I don’t know what. Of course Ellie could be her full name it was the full name of 68 per year in NSW in the 1990’s currently at top 100 name at 67 in Victoria. Ellie is diminutive of names beginning with El.

Joelle: Joelle is 22 and is pronounced Jo-elle. Joelle has never ranked in Australia and is the feminine form of Joel which just dropped out of the top 100. Joelle means Yahweh is God and should really be pronounced the same as Joel

Over 24’s:

Barry Southgate: Barry is 30. Barry doesn’t rank anymore and hasn’t since 2004. Barry is an anglicised form of the irish Bairre. Barry was born in the 80’s when it was at 209 making it quite a dated choice.

Cat Vas: Cat is 27 and I’m pretty sure her name is short for something as well but I don’t know what if it is a nickname it is probably short for Catherine or maybe Catriona. Cat has never ranked in Australia but is a common Diminutive of Catherine, Catharine, Cathryn, Catrin, Catrina and Caterina

Dami Im: Dami is 24 and is originally from South Korea. I can’t find anything on her name but maybe its Korean? It has never ranked in Australia

I decided not to do the groups but may do them later.

Sorry for any confusion on the data I have decided to switch to the Victorian data as my main source as has stats from 2012 for stats after 2012 I will still use the NSW data.



4 thoughts on “Names from the X Factor Australia

  1. I’m not sure if Dami is a Korean name or not – in Korean, it means “to put in”; I saw it as the name of a line of baskets, for that reason. It seems a bit odd as the meaning of a girl’s name.

    I’ve otherwise seen it as a variant of Demi, from Demetria.

    1. I was just guessing there. It could still be it I couldn’t find anything. I pronounce Demi and Dami quite differently demi is Dem-ee and Dami is Dar-mee

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