Name of the week: Archie

Archie Comics
Archie Comics

Archie has been on my mind a lot lately its the kind of name just a year ago I absolutely hated now though I adore it mostly as a nickname for Archer but its so cute by itself. I’ve also started liking Alfie and I still hate Alfred. Archie outranks Archer though and the original Archibald. Archie is at 46 in Australia, 47 in NSW (2011) and 49 in WA. Its in the UK that it is the most popular at 23 and 38 in Scotland. In my opinion Archie doesn’t need a full name as it works perfectly well on a baby or an adult. But if you are looking for a long form you could use the top 100 Archer (62), the old and fusty Archibald or maybe Arthur.

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