Cove and Keeva

Museum of Western Australia
Museum of Western Australia


Sophia Grace and Thomas George


Nikolai Andrew Milutin (Anthony and Layla)- Dad named Sinisa

Johnny Christopher (Sam)- This is interesting as the character Johnny Ruffo plays in Home and Away is called Chris

Flynn Jordan

Cove Oliver- Mum named Maddison

Archer Jeffery (Ella and Avah)

Jobe Matthew

Beau Edward (Abby)

Jackson Van (Katelyn)

Harrison James (Ethan)

Alaistair William Lloyd

Clancy George (Darrius and Elijah)- Mum named Daina

Maxwell George (Wren)


Olivia Violet (Charlotte and Maddison)

Caitlyn Ruby (Bianca)

Paige Elizabeth (Jack, Sian and Annabelle)

Keeva Faith (Jarvis and Nixon)-Mum named Emma-Jo

Rosie Ruth (Marley and Eadan both girls)

Khloe Grace (Bailey, Levi and Jorja)

Issy Margaret (Louella and Finn)

Polly Joe (Ned)

Kate Elizabeth (Tom, Sam and Ben)
Edie May (Meg and Sam)

Laila Mae- Nan named Karin

Imogen Mae (Isabella and Ava)

Lily May (Lachlan)

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