How popular is too popular



Warning this could become quite ranty and hard to read.

I honestly couldn’t care less about popularity as someone with a top 100 name and has been for years I’ve never had much trouble except being called Emily. My little brother has a top 30 name but its a classic biblical choice. So when I see people on nameberry saying “Anything in the top 20 is uninspired its like they just gave up within 5 minutes of choosing a baby name” or “I don’t use anything in the top 200”. The first comment angered me a bit as a lover of Jack and Cooper both are top 20 names I have obsessed over names since I was seven. The top 200 comment is probably worse as in America only 1% of girls get the top name and thats only 1 out of 100 omigosh so many people. If you live in my state and say I won’t use anything top 50 as its too popular well I have news for you if you look on the BDM and see the numbers you will see that only 193 Charlotte’s were born and only 33 Madeleine’s were born which was at 50. In the US only 0.08 girls received the 200 name (Allie) and only 0.013 received the 1,000 name (Katalina).

My opinion is if you put these limitations in choosing a name you get rid of so many great names. If its top 100 you can’t use Elizabeth or Scarlett or Annabelle. Popular names are popular for a reason, they appeal universally to people most of the time people don’t hate the name just that they are popular which is a pretty bad reason to discard a name if you ask me.


2 thoughts on “How popular is too popular

  1. I don’t mind if people don’t want a name that’s even a tiny bit popular (their choice), but it annoys when they think that makes them superior, and gives them the right to bash anyone else who has made different choices.

    It’s not right to say anyone with a Top 100 name had their name chosen thoughtlessly or imaginatively – plenty of people are named after family members, or given their parents’ favourite name they’ve loved for years, and just because the name is popular doesn’t make it any less meaningful.

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