Uniquely Australian Names: Lachlan

Lachlan Macquarie
Lachlan Macquarie

The king uniquely Australian names Lachlan is also one of my least favourite names as its been popular my whole life, I wish it would retire. I am going to bore you with facts in 1999 Lachlan was at number 1 in Victoria, in 2005 it dropped to 6 and in 2012 it was at 12 but still more then 300 babies received the name. I know two Lachlan’s one goes by Lachy the other by Lachie and a Lochlan. In WA its currently at 13 in NSW in 2011 it was at 3 and in Australia its currently at 11 after falling out of the top 10 (hooray). In the UK Lachlan is at 492 and in the US it has never been in the top 1000. Lachlan is Originally a Scottish nickname for a person who was from Norway. In Scotland, Norway was known as the “land of the lochs”, or Lochlann. It seems that in the US its a rare name that name nerds seem to love, in the UK its a middle popularity name in Australia its a name thats too popular and needs to stop being used (ok thats just my opinion).

What do you think of Lachlan? Is it overused?


5 thoughts on “Uniquely Australian Names: Lachlan

  1. Like you, I used to loathe this name for being “overused”. But since starting a blog and covering the name (twice!), I now realise why it is so important in Australia, and I’ve completely changed my mind.

    I now hope Lachlan never goes out of fashion – he is the Father of the Nation! I also like the fact that it is uniquely Australian and has a meaning and history here that no other country can share.

    1. I get that its important to Australia the thing is I’ve never met a baby Lachlan they are both 16 and the Lochlan would be 7 by now. It does seem to be losing favour it was the only name to drop out of the top 10.

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