Uniquely Australian Names: Bronte

The Bronte sisters
The Bronte sisters

As suggested by Anna todays name is Bronte. It may remind you of the Bronte sisters or Sydney’s Bronte Beach. According to behind the name its unusual but I personally know three.

Bronte is from a surname, an Anglicised form of Irish Ó Proinntigh meaning “descendent of Proinnteach”. The given name Proinnteach meant “bestower” in Gaelic.

Bronte’s popularity came mostly because of its similarity to another Australian favourite Bronwyn which peaked in the 70’s, but Bronte its self is starting to decline only 39 Bronte’s were born last year in NSW putting it at 217.


Next time its another boys name. All suggestions are welcome.


3 thoughts on “Uniquely Australian Names: Bronte

  1. I’m guessing most Brontes in Australia come from the beach, not the Bronte sisters … most of the parents I know with a Bronte would have never heard of the Brontes, let alone read their books.

    The beach is after Lord Nelson, who was the Duke of Bronte – Bronte is in Sicily and means “the thunder”.

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