Pace and Odelia

Karijini National Park
Karijini National Park

After not posting any birth announcements for a while I am posting birth announcements so here are some of the babies born into West Aussie families in September I’ll be back to weekly BA’s next week:


Isabelle Julianne

Annique Marie

Cassandra Elise (Jeremy, Ryan)

Kate Bernardette

Eden Ruby May (Connor, Caleb and Ava)

Amelia May

Imogen Scarlet (Bethany)

Emily Louise

Olivia Rose

Sara Kate (Mia)

Ruby Miriam

Sarah Elizabeth

Marley Grace

Lucinda Jane

Odelia Tikvah

Rhani Claire (Jack, Cy)

Taylor Lee (Beau and Courtney)

Rachel Claire (Caitlin and James)

Sumara Lee

Evie Louise (Jaynie)

Ava Rose (Isobel)

Addison Joy

Marli Violet

Eden Frances Dorothy

Shaylee May (Kaylen)

Emma Mary

Aviana Rose (Joseph)

Lottie Elizabeth (Hayden and Toby)

Pippa Karise (Cooper and Jesse)

Grace Ann (Mia)

Jayla Lola-Rose (Jakey and Teliah)

Cecilia (Robert)

Elyse Marie

Sophia Maria (Christian and Nicholas)

Georgie Elise (Luke)


Nina Rose (Charlie and Ned)

Willa Sunny (Riley (B))

Indianna Rose (Ally)

Kate Ruby

Arianna Emily (Stefano and Alissa)

Pearl Jean (Robert, Matthew, Thomas and Amelia)

Carmela “Cara” Violet (


Aaron Joshua (Interestingly has a grandma called Sharyne)

Ryley Patrick (Harry)

Alexander Flynn

Charlie George

James Lewis


Mackenzie (Born in the UK)

Marcus Liam Youngs (Youngs is his mothers maiden name)

James Charles Philip (Caitlin)

Pace Neil

Logan Huynh John

Darcy Jay

James Benjamin Michael (Lucy and Sophie)

Logan Joseph (Ella)

Lochlan Colin

Julian Lysander (Mum named Antonella)

James Frederick (Harry)

Louis Franklin

Joshua Patrick

Johnny Christopher Langford (Sam) (Langford is his mothers maiden name)


Flynn Luke

Jack Levi

Isaac Isambard

Adrian Paul (Joseph and Natalia)

Luke Daniel (Samuel and Jessica)

Armando Emilio (Amedeo Joshua)

Leo Robert


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