Hyphenated names: Girls

One of my favourite hyphenated names
One of my favourite hyphenated names

I’ll admit I love hyphenated names my favourite? Amelia-Lily. One of the most hated there is. I just love the way it rolls of the tongue, though everyone seems to think its too tongue-twistery. This list is of the most popular for each letter and my favourite in England and Wales with the rank then birth number.


A: Amelia-Rose (215/ 232) and Amelia-Lily (79/536)

B: Bella-Rose (80/529) and Bethany-Rose (9/2717)

C: Casey-Leigh (25/1297) and Chloe-Mae (10/2521)

D: Daisy-Mae (81/522) and Daisy-Belle (4/48232)

E: Ellie-May (207/244) and either Ellie-Mae (189/264) or Ebony-Rose (15/1893)

F: Freya-Mae (9/2717) and Felicity-Rose (3/5876)

G: Gracie-May (123/384) and Georgia-May (6/3681)

H: Hollie-May (17/1720) and Hallie-Grace (4/4838)

I: Isla-Rose (70/600) and India-Rose (11/2338)

J: Jamie-Leigh (31/1099) and Josie-May (4/4838)

K: Kacey-Leigh (20/1525) and Keira-Mae (4/4838)

L: Lily-Rose (247/202) and Lexi-Rose (27/1210)

M: Mia-Rose (98/458) and Maisie-Grace (10/2521) or Millie-Rose (67/624)

N: Nevaeh-Rose (6/3681) and Nancy-Rose (4/4838)

O: Olivia-Rose (52/758) and Orla-Rose (3/5876)

P: Poppy-Mae (26/1253) and Phoebe-Grace (9/2717)

R: Ruby-Mae (86/504)  and Rosie-May (22/1428)

S: Summer-Rose (65/615) and Sadie-Mae (3/5876)

T: Tilly-Mae (27/1210) and Tia-Rose (14/1991)

U: Umm-E-Hani (5/4171)- This is a Muslim Name, the daughter of Abu Talib and sister of Ali (RA).

V: Violet-Rose (10/2521) and Vienna-Rose (in 2011 3/5785 it doesn’t rank anymore)

W: Willow-Grace (9/ 3285) and Wynter-Rose (4/4838)

Z:  Zara-Rose (3/5876)


Boys edition coming soon.

(the picture was created using tiny me personalised wooden prints preview no copy right was intended)


5 thoughts on “Hyphenated names: Girls

  1. The Amelia-Rose reminds me of an episode of “Bones” when they were identifying remains from a slave-ship. Cam had a hard time because she saw a name of a relative. The name of the ship was The “Amalia Rose”…….interesante’……..i Love your hyphens, hyphens are like an awesome name “treat”, like alliteration is 🙂
    You keep blowing my mind ev new post I read, thank you!!

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