5 Seconds of Summer

5 Seconds of Summer
5 Seconds of Summer

So you might have noticed on my last post I snuck in a picture of Ashton Irwin from 5sos. An Australian boy band and my newest celebrity crushes along with At sunset another Aussie boy band. This lot are from Sydney. Their names are listed in order of the photo which is as a poster on my bedroom wall.

Calum Hood is sixteen. Calum is the scottish version of Kolumba which means dove. Calum doesn’t rank in NSW but Callum does at 74 with 139 born. In the 90’s when Callum was at 75 with 123 born per year and Calum did not rank.

Luke Hemmings is also sixteen. The name Luke is a form of Lucas which means light. Luke is currently at 33 with 257 born.In the 90’s there were 714 Luke’s born per year putting it at number 8.

Michael Clifford is seventeen. The name means who is like god and still rates a high 35 with 245 born in NSW. In the 90’s the name ranked number 7 with 749 born per year.

The eldest of the group is Ashton Irwin the name Ashton means Ash tree town and ranks 55 with 172 born. In the 90’s just two Ashton’s were born each year putting it at 492, yet I have covered two teenaged Ashton’s this week.


6 thoughts on “5 Seconds of Summer

  1. My little sister Mikayla adores 5SOS (and I have to admit, I do like them, Ashton’s my favourite ;)), and when I showed her this post, she definitely enjoyed it! I love how you did a spotlight on a band’s names and their popularity and meaning. Plus that, I love that a fellow teenaged name nerd has a name blog! šŸ™‚ xx

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