Name of the week: Ashton

Ashton Agar
Ashton Agar

So if you have been anywhere near a tv or a newspaper in the past week you would know who Ashton Agar is (provided you live in Australia or maybe England). The person who got the highest number of runs ever for a number eleven batsman, what ever that means. Agar is from Melbourne but plays for WA and was selected for the ashes for his bowling.

So the name Ashton is quite common in Australia at number 80 and in NSW 55. In the 90’s when Agar was born there were two Ashton’s born each year in NSW.

And just because I can here is a picture of another Ashton. 5SOS’s Ashton Irwin who is 18 and from Sydney.

Ashton Irwin
Ashton Irwin

2 thoughts on “Name of the week: Ashton

  1. A number eleven batsman is the last person to bat – they usually leave their weakest batsmen to last, so for a #11 to get a high score is really unusual.

    When one of the last batsmen manages to save the team with their score, it’s calling “the tail wagging”.

    Well done, Ashton! 🙂

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