Lucca and Samaya

The bungle bungles
The bungle bungles


Layla Elizabeth

Rosie (Aidan)

Ruby Jasmine (Trynity, Jade and Chloe)

Kiana Elise

Zara Joanmarie (Jackson and Caelee)

Ruby Olivia (Jai)

Nikita Rose (Hayley and Ben)

Gemma Tina (Daniel and Tia)

Bree Juliet

Harper Lee (Mackenzie and Charlie)

Spencer Emery Eve (Cooper, Parker and Beckett)

Jaya Milla (Flynn)

Samaya (Talia and Hudson)

Eloise Teresa “Elly”

Milana Marie “Mily”

Charlotte Diana (Bridie)

Emelia Louise (Damien and Cale)



Lucca Xavier (Stella, Emilia)

Carter David (Piper)

Zac Gerrit (Mia)

Joe Felice

Zachary Philip


These are from June the 3rd to the 8th


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