Hope and Judd

The big ram in Wagin
The big ram in Wagin


Louise Helena

Hope Annabel (Eloise and Camilla)

Maisy Rayne (Cassidy and Alyssa)

Sophie Louise

Grace Lily (Jake and Zack)

Isabelle Ruby (Thomas)

Isla Anastasia


Anna Dawn

Lara Isabelle (Joel)

Alyssa (Zade)



Judd Benjamin (Jordan, Fraser, Alex and Sienna)

Korey Paul (Amahlee)

Max Paul (Jakeb and Ava)

William Gregory (Maya)

Zachary Alan (Jordan)

Roman Angelo

Hudson Francis

Tyler Connor

Kye Orlando (Romeo)

Aiden Thomas (Brodie and Mia)


These are from 10th to 15th of June


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