My favourite Names by Ebsie

Me on Nameberry
Me on Nameberry

So me thinks its time to share my favourite names and the reasons behind loving them:


Isobel Jamesie Rose “Sabella”, “Bella”: Isobel is my grandmas name and Jamesie is my nana’s name and I love them both but isobel just works more, and Rose just seems to tie the name together

Matilda Anne Elizbeth “Millie”, “Tildy”: Anne is my middle name and both my mum and grandma’s names are forms of Elizabeth

 Eleanor Hadley Louise “Elea”, “Ellie” : Eleanor is just really pretty, Hadley I just love and Louise is my sisters middle name. 

Alice Demeter Grace: Demeter is the greek goddess of agriculture and hunting and Grace is my great grandmas name. 

Eloise Buttercup May “Lulu”, “Ellie”: Buttercup is for my mums favourite movie The princess bride and May is the birth month of my grandma and great grandma.

Boys: Eamon James Harold: Despite having not a drop of Irish blood in me, I have loved Eamon since the 2008 olympics (guess what I was watching!!!!), James is my dads and brothers middle name. Harold is my pops name. 

Tiago Bryan Isaac: Bryan is my grandads name and Isaac is my brothers name and what I would have been called if I were a boy. 

Cooper Tobias Lawson: I love poetry and Lawson is for the wonderful Henry Lawson

Jack Alexander Banjo:Banjo is for Banjo patterson. Though could I have a Lawson and a Banjo in one family?? Anna help here please. 

Jago Oscar John: John is my Pop’s middle name


So you are always entitled to your own opinion comment below.

♥Ebony~ 14 year old lover of names, chocolate and books♥


5 thoughts on “My favourite Names by Ebsie

  1. Gorgeous names! I love all the family connections in the names. Eloise Buttercup May “Lulu” is just sweet, and Jago Oscar John is really handsome.

    Jamesie is very cute – is it short for Jamesina?

    I can’t see any problem with having Banjo and Lawson together when they are both second middle names.

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