Name of the week: River

The rivers logo and a man in a cool shirt
The rivers logo and a man in a cool shirt

This name is inspired by a random thought I had which is “I’m hip, I’m cool, I shop at Rivers” If your Australian you would know about rivers. It is the ugliest clothing store and it is impossible to be cool if you shop there and if you have never seen a rivers ad, I envy you. They always have sales because its the only way to get people to but there clothes. This post is not meant to offend any rivers wearers maybe when I’m older I will forget the trauma Rivers ads caused me and wear there clothes.

The name river has never ranked in Australia probably because no one likes the store and doesn’t want to do that to a kid. It means well river and in America ranks 424.

For now remember:

“I love rivers because there clothes are really cool and trendy.”


2 thoughts on “Name of the week: River

  1. I like this name; it is #250 for boys and #540 for girls in Victoria.

    Also, don’t bother ever going to a Rivers sale because they only ever have things in weird sizes – either super small or super huge – or horrible colours. It’s always a huge disappointment.

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