Kaito and Farrah

Black Swan in the Swan River
Black Swan in the Swan River


Quinn Anthony and Luca John

Patrick George and Christopher James

Alessia and Georgia


Caleb Michael (Dakota, Ella and Chloe)

Cohen Flynn (Ryley and Aiden)

Benj Brian

Thomas Michael

Cameron James

Jagger Tony (Liberty)

Marcus Andrew (Lucia)

Kaito Jack

Alexander James

Henry Max

Lucas Roberto

Jude Hudson (Beau)

Max Edward (Jack and Harry)



Kaylee Shae (Tari)

Ariel Dolly

Addison Elsie

Amalia (Sophia)

Miranda Rose (Ebony and Charlton)

Mia Grace (Eve)

Kalinda Amalee Edwina

Farrah Sage (has 3 sisters)

Sasha Lee (Livvy)


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