Petrice and Griffin



Ruth Anna

Ella Ivy (Scarlett)

Aleria Jean (Kyson)

Charlotte Amelia (Sebastian)

Mia Bella


Jasmine Elizabeth

Ivy Mae


Olivia Aimee

Violet Victoria

Lauren Gwneda (Jacob)

Koha Ruby (Chase)

Petrice Katherine

Madison Louise (Clare)

Alana Kathleen (Tessa)



Luis Matteo (Massimo, Sebastian)

Noah Lachlan (Kaelan, Ethan)

Rylee Jax (Brodee Phoenix)

Kasey Joel

Griffin Blair (Lincoln)

Joshua Reef (Phoebe)

Heath Michael (Laith)

Spencer Alexander

Mitchell Zac (Rylan, Ella)

Cruz Levi

Harper Kristopher- parents Jayden and Jayne

Sebastian Michael Jeffery (Ava Louise)

Noah Monte (Joshua)

Flynn James (Lyla)

Mitchell James (Lachlan)

Jed Christian (Riley)

Raymond Stuart




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