Name of the week: Danielle

Dan and Dani from the block

Ok so I love Trashy reality television and one of my favourite show is the block and my favourite couple  is Dan and Dani the boyfriend and girlfriend team from 2012 who always seem to fight and by miracle are still together. They are very entertaining. They seem to argue about everything (a toilet button, when they are late) and at the moment I am catching up on a very old episode, episode 20 to be exact and they were fighting. So in this episode Dan called Dani, Danielle  but I have never heard Dan use her real name even though Dani always calls Dan, Daniel. So both names are very 80’s names  Danielle peaked at 18 in NSW, by the 90’s it was at 32 and now it is at 321. Interesting fact I actually don’t know a Danielle only a Dannielle who is a year younger then me.

8 thoughts on “Name of the week: Danielle

  1. It’s funny when couples have the same or similar names; I always think their children will have to be called the same thing as well! (Like Chrissie Swan and Chris Saville, and their son Kit).

    I know several Danielles (around my age), but far more Daniels (of all ages). I have seen baby Danielles in the paper though.

    1. Also I watched that episode again and Dan said her name as Day-yell 2 syllables making there names a lot closer then I originally thought.
      Then he just has a different spelling of his mums name :).
      Dante maybe???

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