Names from my childhood: Dani’s House

Series one cast
Series one characters

Dani’s house is a British Television Series that is currently airing its 5th series on ABC3. It is about a girl named Dani who is trying to become famous.

Dani: Probably short for Danielle but you never find out (trust me I have seen every episode).Dani is the main character an aspiring singer actress who in the first three series only gets roles in ads but in series 4 she gets a role into McHurties Hospital a soap opera set in a fictional hospital.  The name Danielle is currently at 321 and Daniella is at 300 but that is nothing compared to Daniel which is at 24.

Sam: Short for Samantha she is Dani’s best friend. Sam is a nerd who loves science and Professor Brian Cox. She leaves half way through series 4 to become an astronaut. Samantha is at 74 in NSW.

Toby: Toby left in series one to go to medical school after he got accepted by answering bum to every question. It is at 62 in NSW.

Jack: Toby’s replacement he is a DJ who is always eating. He comes into Dani’s House in series two. Jack is so uncommon in Australia. It is at number 5 in NSW and number 2 in Australia.

Ruby: Ruby is a personal trainer who kind of replaces Sam. Ruby is also super unknown in Australia at number 2 in Australia and NSW.

Max: Max is Dani’s little brother and he is evil and him and Dani hate each other. It is at 18 in NSW and is at 17 in Australia.

Ben: Ben is Max’s best friend and is very very dumb. His name is short for Benjamin which is at 12 in NSW and 15 in Australia.

Maisie: Maisie is Ruby’s sister. Maisie is at 383 in NSW and will probably get a bit more common due to the popularity in England.


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