Wiremu and Amity: Birth Announcements




Kelsey Erin and Chloe Margaret


Tegan Belle (Joshua, Shannyn, Dylan)

Verity Fiorina (Wesley)

Stella Jocelyn

Ruby Sienna

Kate Michelle

Keeley Jayde

Isla Elizabeth Diane (Amy, Liam, Thomas)

Amity Willow (Stirling, Neve, Hadley)

Harriet Ivy

Sophie Lyla (Poppy)


Rocco Jobe

Enrico Diangelo (Antonino)

Zavier Cruz (Aaliyah, Zarne)

Marley Christopher Milan (Indy and Luca)

Declan Taylor

Mason James (Savannah)

Harrison Rex (Amelia)

Nate Christian

Wiremu John Rangatira (Bree, Shanaya, Maddison)


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