Names from the pool

The waterslide
The water slide

So yesterday I went to a water slide 40 minutes away from my town. I knew 4 families there they were:

Ebony, Adele and Isaac.

Benjamin “Ben”, Thomas and Camille “Cami” (Camille is pronounced Ca-meal)

Sienna, Carie, Blair and Fletcher

Rory and Rhiannon

Isaac had a friend over named Joseph “Joe” his siblings are Neve, Olivia, Nathaniel “Nat” and Tom


I overheard someone call a child Dante but thats it.

4 thoughts on “Names from the pool

  1. We went to the local swimming pool between Christmas and New Year, and my kids were playing with Amelia, Imogen, Katie and Lila. Katie’s brother is Lachlan, and Lila’s is Max.

    I had friends at school called Katie and Lila, so some things don’t change much!

  2. Lila-at-the-pool is younger than you by a few years – I think my old school friend Lila was VERY ahead of the curve! At the time she was born, Lila had been off the charts since the 1940s, so she had an “old lady name”.

    There seem to be a lot of Lilas where I live, for some reason.

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