Names From Books: Ally’s World

The first book in the series
The first book in the series

Ally’s World is a series of heaps of books about a girl named Ally Love by British Author Karen McCombie. The names of the 4 Love children are quite unusual they are:

Linnhe “Linn” : Named after a Loch in Scotland where her parents found out they were pregnant. In the first book Ally explains that Linn should be happy as the day before they were visiting Loch Fyne.

Rowan: She is named after the Rowan tree which was all the colour in the flat they rented. Rowan is a bit strange and an airhead. She is called Ro by Ally

Alexandra “Ally”: Named after Alexandra Palace which is across from there house.She is called Ally Pally by her dad.

Tor: Named after Glastonbury Tor. He is obsessed with animals.

Ally’s Friends:

Sandra “Sandie”: Sandie has the same name as her mum. Ally accidentally called her Sandie and she hasn’t been called anything since.

Her other friends are:

Kyra (pronounced Keira)






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