Leilani and Jax: birth announcements from WA

Cottesloe Beach
Cottesloe Beach

Birth Announcements from 17th-20th of December.


Alexandra (Nicola)

Taliah Grace (Madison)

Ada Beth

Leilani Rose (Barry and Rachel)

Lucy Annabelle (Hamish, Jonty)

Kaia Jade

Ella Reese (Kate)

Eva Bonnie

Claire Mia (Henry)- This reminds me of Anna’s post Names Spotted at home and abroad

Katherine Elizabeth

Mahli Kelcey (Seth)

Maddison Ivy (Lucas, Lincoln and Aiden)

Savannah Grace (Jasmine, Cameron)

Allyrah Cianne (Jaydon and Jasmine)

Kenzie Escher (Caleb)

Izabella Roma (Oscar)


Jax Winston (Charlize)

Cooper James

William James

Luke Peter

Luca Searson

Matthew Finn

Harrison Gerard- 2 Harrison’s in two weeks maybe Winners and Losers has something to do with it

Ethan John Lawrence (Harrison)

Darcy Samuel (Clara)

Kain Zenon “K-Z” (Tahnee, Brendan)

Jordan Zander (Brody, Declan)

Miller Ryan (Kye James)

Leo Clifford (Isabella and Ava)

5 thoughts on “Leilani and Jax: birth announcements from WA

  1. I kind of like Jax Winston, and Zenon is very daring even in the middle.

    I must say I’ve seen a lot of Katherine, Katharine and Catherine Elizabeths lately – I wonder if the Duchess of Cambridge has anything to do with it.

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